Enable Look Back Feature In Arlo Pro 2 Cameras To Ensure Better Security

Arlo Security

Arlo Pro 2 camera is equipped with Look Back feature through which the device starts recording three seconds before any sound or motion is detected. To make proper utilization Look Back feature without any trouble, Arlo Security Pro 2 camera must be using motion or sound detection.

Here’ is how to do so?

Below is a guide prepared under the supervision of Netgear certified experts in order to set up Arlo security pro 2 cameras for recording Look Back video without any trouble:

  • First of all, what you are required to do is plug in your Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera in a correct manner. 
  • Once it is done lock, stock & barrel, you need to launch Arlo app using your cell phone.
  • While setting up your camera for recording lock back videos, users are suggested to ensure that their camera is in ‘Armed’ mode.  
  • When any kind of motion or sound is detected, Arlo Security Camera starts using a prebuffer for a purpose of recording 3 seconds before detection.
  • After enabling this feature, motion-triggered video recordings will start working before motion takes place.
Arlo Security Camera

It is well ensured that users will be able to make use of look back feature in Arlo security cameras by following the above-mentioned procedure in a proper manner. In case, any kind of problems or inconveniences are encountered during the course of executing these steps, it would be wise to get in touch with Intuit certified geeks. They are not only experienced but also an ace at fixing almost all sorts of issues within a least possible time frame.

In addition to this, if anyone is looking for more information about the same, it is suggested to take a tour of our website.

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